Studios Primer


The CalArts School of Music studios are open 24 hours, 7 days a week during the semester. The studios are closed over the winter holiday break and the Monday after graduation in May through the summer. Once you are approved for access, studio time may be reserved in person by using the posted schedule on each studio door. Any keycard issues should be addressed to the Music Office.


Studio users should not borrow equipment from one studio and use it in another studio. DRS users will lose access if any equipment is removed from the recording studio.

Please don't unplug any of the studio connections

Only authorized users may operate the studio equipment

Please don't store your own gear or project materials in any of the studios. Extraneous gear found in the studios including amps, instruments, electronics, etc will be placed in the hallway.

If something breaks, please tell a faculty member or a studio TA  immediately. We would rather hear it from you than find out on our own.

Please make sure the studio is secure when you leave. Do not leave people in the studios who do not have access. You are responsible for any actions that might go down during and or after your studio time. If you see a studio door open without anyone in the room please close the door.

Food and drinks are OK but not really encouraged. Drinks should be kept on the floor and far away from desktop surfaces and gear.

Scheduling Studio Time

Printed schedules will be posted on each door for studio users to reserve time in each studio. There is a pencil attached to each door to use for signing out time. Studio users are allowed 8 hours a week total per studio. 4 hours maximum per block of time.

To sign out time, studio users should box in the hours and print their full name and a working phone number so we can contact you if needed. Pencil only in case we need to reschedule something or someone cancels their time. Only approved studio users for each studio should make reservations.


If you are in the studio by yourself you do not have to wear a mask. The moment someone else enters the studio you and everyone else are required to wear a mask. It is recommended to allow 30 minutes of air-out time on the schedule after each user’s studio session.

Getting Help in the Studios

Studio Teaching Assistants are assigned to each studio. They are there to help you! Their studio office hours are posted on the studio schedules. You are welcome to show up to their office hours and ask questions. Just show up. You may also email them to make an appointment if you have a scheduling conflict with their weekly office hours.

Computer File Storage

Each studio has an Apple computer running Big Sur 11.6. On the desktop you will see a hard drive icon where you will store your projects. Studio users should make a folder in the audio drive using your first and last name. Please don’t use you DJ name or something unidentifiable! All projects should be stored in that folder.

B304 Computer name is Putney and the audio drive is Putney Audio

B305B Computer name is Arp  and the audio drive is Arp Audio

DRS Computer name is Omnichord and the audio drive is Audio Space

All the drives are backed up but there is no guarantee or implicit agreement that CalArts is responsible for anyone’s media. If you really care about something you should bring in your own USB drive. There is a USB cable available in each studio for plugging in your drive.

Transferring Files Between Studios

In the OS X finder, type command-K on the keyboard. Select the other studio computer you would like to access. Drag and drop files as needed.