Studio Access


The music studios are open 24 hours, 7 days a week during the semester. The studios are closed over the holiday break and the Monday after graduation in May. Once you are approved for access, studio time may be reserved in person by using the posted schedule on each studio door. Any keycard issues should be addressed to the Music Office.

Score Lab (B309)

Any music student who is currently enrolled may request access to the Score Lab. You do not need to attend a studio orientation for access to the Score Lab.

Digital Recording Studio (DRS)

You must be currently enrolled or have completed the Digital Recording Studio class (MTEC-365 / MTEC-665) for access to the recording studio. Access is limited to BFA3 level students and above. Upper level students with extensive professional recording experience may possibly gain access by meeting with the recording studio TA during their weekly office hours to be vetted and to learn the room. To meet with the TA, check the DRS schedule on the door and come to their open office hours.

Experimental Sound Studio and Modular Synth Studio  (B304, B305-B)

Music students who are enrolled in a studio-related class may request access to the Experimental Sound Studio and the Modular Synth Studio. You must also attend a studio orientation for each studio at the beginning of the semester. A schedule with dates and times for studio orientations will be sent via Music Office email during the first week of the semester.   

Electronics Workshop (B305-A)

Access to the Electronics Workshop is generally reserved for ESP and Music Tech students. If you are not in either of those programs and are interested in access please meet with the Electronics Lab TA during their weekly office hours. 

Deadline for requesting studio access

The deadline for requesting access during the Fall 2019 semester is Friday, October 4th at 5pm.  

What’s the process?

1) Attend the studio orientation workshop for the studio you would like access to and fill out the online form.

2) A work order will be sent from the Music Office to Facilities Management. Facilities Management will encode your requests to your CalArts ID card. It may take Facilities Management up to a week to encode your CalArts ID so please be patient. Also, you will not receive an email or notice from Facilities Management when your ID code is ready so you will have check-in with them in person to receive your code.

3) A few days after submitting your access form go to the Facilities Management office. Ask for your “four digit access code” assigned to your CalArts ID. They will give you a four digit access code. Your four digit ID code will work for all card readers throughout the institute that you have been granted access.

4) Go to each of the studios you requested access for and test your ID code in the card reader located outside the studio door. Swipe your CalArts ID card and enter your four digit ID code. The door should open.

5) If the door does not open make sure you have your four digit ID code correct. If the door still does not open go to the Music Office and ask if your request has been noted.

Studio Rules

1) Do not under any circumstances remove any equipment from the studios without permission from the studio director. This includes microphones, cables, keyboards, etc. Do not move gear from one studio to another.

2) Do not unplug any of the studio connections under any circumstances.

3) Do not store your own gear or project materials in any of the studios. Any extraneous gear including amps, instruments, electronics, etc will be placed in the hallway.

4) If something breaks, please tell the studio director or a studio assistant immediately. We would much rather hear it from you than find out on our own.

5) All your files on studio computers are your responsibility. You are responsible for backing up your own work.

6) Only authorized users may operate the studio equipment. IE – do not leave your friend’s rock band in the studio unattended!

7) Please make sure the studio is secure when you leave. Do not leave unauthorized people in the studios under any circumstances. You are responsible for any actions that might go down during and sometimes even after your studio time.