Experimental Sound Studio


The Jory Prum Experimental Sound Studio has audio equipment for computer-based composition, audio recording, sound synthesis, sound design, and film scoring. The ESS is the primary studio for music students who work primarily with processed and sample-based sound. It serves as a classroom for various composition, sound-synthesis, and film scoring classes.


Hardware: Apple MacPro, Genelec 4.1 surround sound system, Avid S-3 controller, Lynx Aurora 8-channel audio interface , (2) API 512-c preamps, (2) Great River MP-500NV preamps, (2) Chandler Little Devil preamps, (2) Grace 501c preamps, Novation Launchkey 61 Mk2 controller, (2) Sennhesier e614 condenser microphones, (1) Rhode NT-2 condenser microphone, (1) Shure SM-57, (1) Shure SM-58, and a Roland GR-50 MIDI guitar interface.

Software: Max/MSP/Jitter 8, Pure Data, Supercollider, ProTools 2019, Ableton Live 10 Suite, Max for Live, Native Instruments Komplete 11 Ultimate, Arturia V-collection, Reason 8, East-West sample library, Waves Diamond Bundle, Altiverb 7, SoundHack, XCode, and Adobe Creative Suite 2019.