Digital Recording Studio

Digital Recording Studio


The Dizzy Gillespie Digital Recording Studio (DRS) is a suite of connected rooms that function as a 48-channel, professional recording studio. The control room and live room are acoustically treated and tuned for optimal sound isolation for recording and mixing. The DRS is the most active studio in the music school. The majority of music students gain recording experience either as an engineer or a performer before they graduate from CalArts. Throughout the years, a wide variety of albums and scores for film, animation, and video have been recorded, mixed, and mastered in the DRS.

The DRS provides a dedicated space for audio recording, editing, processing, mixing and mastering using a ProTools HD-X system running on a new Apple iMac. Lynx Aurora audio converters provide mastering-grade conversion. Sounds are monitored through a Genelec 5.1 surround monitoring system and Mogami audio cables are used throughout the studio.

The studio live room is acoustically tuned and isolated, and includes a Yamaha 7-foot grand piano,  Taytrix gobos, and Hearback headphone monitoring stations.

Hardware: Apple iMac (2021), ProTools HDX audio card, Genelec 5.1 surround sound monitoring system, Drawmer MC7.1 monitor controller, RedCo patchbays, Mogami cables, Lynx Aurora audio converters, and a Hearback headphone system.

PreAmps: 4 channels of: Millennia HV-3D; 2 channels of:  Grace m201, API 512c, Great River MP-500nv, Grace m501, Chandler Little Devil, and Daking 500

Microphones: (2) AKG 414, (2) AKG 452, (1) AKG D-112, (2) Audio-Technica 3035, (1) Audio-Technica 4033, (2) Beyerdynamic M-160, (1) Beyerdynamic TG-drumset microphone kit, (2) Josephson C-42, (4) Neumann KM-184,  (1) Neuman TLM-49, (3) Neumann TLM-103, (2) Neumann TLM-102, (2) Royer R-101, (4) Schoepps CM-5, (2) Sennheiser MKH 40, (3) Sennheiser 421, (2) Sennheiser e609, (2) Sennheiser 614, (1) Shure SM-7, (4) Shure SM-57, (2) Shure SM-58

Outboard Devices: (2) Empirical Labs Distressor, (1) SSL G-Comp compressor, (1) SSL 611-EQ, (2) API 560 10 band EQ, (1) Shadow Hills Dual Vandergraph compressor, (1) Lexicon PCM-81 digital effects processor, (1) Lexicon MPX-1 digital effects processor, (1) Eventide Eclipse digital effects processor, (1) Orban / Parasound 111-B spring reverb, (1) DeltaLabs Effectron digital delay, (1) FMR Audio Really Nice Compressor, (1) Ensoniq DP-4 digital effects processor, (1) Dolby Model 740 spectral processor

Software & Plugins: ProTools Ultimate 2022, Waves Diamond Bundle, Izotope Production Suite, Valhalla bundle , Soundtoys bundle, Universal Audio Octo-Core, AltiVerb 7, Fab Filter bundle, SoundHack Delay Trio, SoundHack Spectral Processors, Spat Revolution,