Modular Synth Studio


The Modular Synth Studio (MSS) is a gathering point for music students interested in creating unique sound using modular synthesis. 
It is home to the music school’s rare “Black Serge” analog modular synthesizer as well as a 12-unit hybrid Blacet/Eurorack modular synthesizer, an Oberheim Synthesizer Expander Module, a Moog Sub 37 analog synthesizer, and a rare Rob Hordijk Blippo Box. Students can record interesting sounds from the synthesizers through a Lynx Aurora audio interface into a number of different DAWs.
For video editing and processing the studio is home to a custom-built ‘Hackintosh’ computer running the latest versions of Adobe Creative Suite, Max/MSP/Jitter, Isadora, Mad Mapper and other video software programs. The editing suite has four HDMI video monitors which can double as video displays for working with Raspberry Pi computers. It also has a quad sound setup for working in surround sound.
Hardware: 27″ iMac, custom-built Hackintosh, Genelec 2.1 sound system, Genelec 4.1 sound system, Lynx Aurora audio interface, MOTU 896 audio interface, Serge Modular analog synthesizer, Blacet analog modular synthesizer, Eurorack hybrid modular synthesizer, Oberheim SEM synthesizer, Moog Sub 37 synthesizer, and a Rob Hordijk Blippo Box.
Software: Max/MSP/Jitter 8, Ableton Suite 10, Native Komplete 11 Ultimate, Pro Tools 2019, Logic X, Waves Diamond Bundle plugins, Arturia V Collection synth plugins, Soundhack plugins, Altiverb, Isadora, Mad Mapper, Adobe Creative Suite 2019, Soundhack, and Supercollider.