Fall 2020 – Music Production Information & Support


Welcome to the Electronic and Computer Music Studios @ CalArts website. We are excited to be back on campus for the Fall 2022 Semester! This site provides information about the studios faculty, student teaching assistants, studio access procedures and policies, and technical information about each studio. We are excited to get back to work in our studios! Hope to see you in person very soon.

Clay Chaplin           Director of the Electronic and Computer Music Studios

TA Information and Hours

Teaching Assistants are assigned to each studio. They are there to help you! You are welcome to show up to their office hours and ask questions. Just show up! You may also email  to make an appointment if you have a scheduling conflict with their weekly office hours.

Drew Sensue-Weinstein (He/Him/His)

DSW Photo Resized

(B305B) Modular Synth Studio / Wavecave Sound Art Gallery

Monday - 10am-Noon


Logic, Ableton Live, Qlab, Electric Guitar, Classical Guitar, Live Mixing, Audio Installation, Audio Patching, Wireless Systems, and Sound Spatialization

Mimi Nissan (She/Her/Hers)


(B303) WaveCave Sound Art Gallery

By appointment


Audio Production, Logic, Audio Mixing, Field Recording, Guitar, Adobe Premiere Pro, Printmaking, Visual Arts

Maddi Baird (They/Them/Theirs)

me dj

(B304) Rory Prum Experimental Sound Studio

Thursday - 1-3pm


Ableton, Field Recording, Ambient music, Spatialized sound, MAX/MSP, Modular/Granular Synthesis, Soldering, Graphic Scoring, Qlab, Pro Tools, Sound Design, Scoring

Chuck Behring (He/Him/His)

Chuck's Image

(B304) Rory Prum Experimental Sound Studio

Monday - 1-3pm


Audio Production, Logic, Ableton, Melodyne, Vocal Production, Hyperpop, Vaporwave, Field Recording, Experimental Pop, Noise, Cleanfeed, OBS, Twitch, 3D Modeling, Cinema 4D, Maya, OBS, iMovie, Unity

Naomi Mitchell (She/Her/Hers)


(B305B) Modular Synth Studio

Thursday 4-6pm



Modular and other hardware synthesizers, soldering, circuit and PCB design, video synthesis, Ableton Live, OBS, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Autodesk Eagle

Alex Hawthorn (He/Him/His)


(DRS) Digital Recording Studio

Tuesday 11-1pm




Studio recording techniques/mixing, Logic, Max/MSP, Field recording, modular synthesis, ambient music, sound design, various orchestral sample libraries and plug-ins (Waves, iZotope, SoundToys, UAD), video editing, live mixing (FOH and monitors), system tuning

Adobe Creative Suite Licenses for Students

CalArts provides Adobe Creative Suite Licenses to all students. Adobe Creative Suite includes many popular programs for media production, web development, and score making including:  Photoshop, Premiere, Illustrator, After Effects, and others. Licenses are managed by the CalArts IT Department (CAIT). To request a license, fill out the form below. Please allow a week or so for processing.