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Serge Modular Tutorials


Serge Recording Tutorial

Confirm that the Lynx Aurora audio interface’s USB connection with the Arp (iMac) is secure and make sure channels 3 and 4 on the Mackie Mixer are connected to the Serge.  (click on the small photo icons for a larger version)


1) File -> New Session


2) Then Save window will pop up! Create a folder with your name under Arp/Users_files. And save the ProTools session to your folder.


3) Make a new track under  Track -> New


4) Set to stereo and click create


5) Click under I/O and Set the output to Aurora USB play1-2 and input to MackieSub 1&2

7            8

6) Send Serge Synth channel on mackie mixer into SUB 1-2 by pressing these two buttons.  And pull up the fader 1 and 2 where it’s labeled as Output to ProTools

IMG_4331        IMG_4332

7) Record-enable your track


You should be getting signals from serge at this point.

8) Have fun rocking out on the serge! and make sure you hit save!

Ableton Live:

1) go to Preferences


2) Set input and output devices to Lynx Aurora

Live_2      Live_3

3) On track view drop down menu of input selection. Set 1-2.


4) Hit record-enable


5) if you hit auto under monitor setting, you can monitor it back in real time through main speakers.


6) Hit record!