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Serge Modular Tutorials


Accessing “Studio Share”

The ProTools system in the Computer Music Studio (B304) and in the Modular Synth Studio (B305) have the same plugins and basic setup as the DRS. If you would like to continue working on your session outside of the DRS, you can either bring an external hard-drive to copy over your files or use “Studio Share”. On the desktop there is a drive labeled “Studio Share”. As you have done with with the drive “Audio Space”, go ahead and make a folder using your name. Then, simply drag your entire session (the entire folder containing the .ptx file, audio files, bounces, Session File Backups, etc) into your folder in “Studio Share” You should now be able to access the drive “Studio Share” from any of the three rooms mentioned above. Do not record straight onto “Studio Share”! It should automatically not allow you to do so, but record into “Audio Space” first

Sound In DRS (YouTube, iTunes, etc)

These instructions must be followed in order for the Mac to play sounds through the speakers. In order to access audio from Youtube, iTunes, etc. you must select the “St 1” button located in the MONITOR section of the C24 Console. Selecting the “Sum” button in addition to “St 1” allows you to listen to audio from Pro Tools simultaneously.


Now you can use the Mac’s volume controls as well as the “Control Room” knob on the C24 for your volumes. Be careful with your “Control Room” volume as the Mac will always be set at last-previously-used volume, which could result in extremely loud volumes.